Released for iOS and Android

Ratkey, an 3D action-adventure mobile game for iOS and Android, is a simple and beautiful dungeon-crawler that takes maze exploration to a new level.

You are a rat with a long tail sent on an epic quest. You must recover what has been stolen from your village. The thieves have deadly weapons, tough armor and deep strongholds. And some very large cats. You are armed only with a stick. But, it is a mighty weapon in your hands.

UI-GameRatkey is simple to play, even as the enemies get tougher and mazes get trickier. Surprisingly easy to pick up and enjoy, the screen automatically zooms in or out depending on the orientation most comfortable to you.

Experience vibrant and beautiful visuals, a majestic and powerful soundtrack, and engaging game play that challenges, without getting too complicated or difficult. Unlock the hard and epic game settings to increase the intensity.

The 3D models, graphics and software have been created by a team of independent game developers from around the world. Ratkey is available for iOS and Android in Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

Quick Start


Explore. The button in the bottom left corner moves the hero. You can rotate your device to horizontal or vertical, whichever is more comfortable for you.  Vertical orientation zooms in for more detail, horizontal orientation zooms out for a wider view.
Ratkey-Health-1Collect.  Eat cheese to recover your health. You can carry up to eight pieces of cheese. If you are injured and have run out of cheese, find a quiet place to rest. Your health will slowly be restored.

There are three ways to attack:

Button-Block Button-Smash Button-Strike

  • Use the blue button to block the enemy. Block defeats strike.
  • Use the green button to smash the enemy. Smash defeats block.
  • Use the yellow button to strike. Strike defeats smash.

Some enemies always attack the same way. Others use different patterns. A few will switch patterns.


Five keys have been stolen from your village. Your quest is to find the thieves in their strongholds and recover the keys.

Search for “Ratkey” in the AppStore and GooglePlay store.