Game Credits

The 3D models, animation, graphic, software and music have been created by a team of independent game developers from around the world. Ratkey will be available for iOS and Android in Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian languages.

Making a great mobile game requires a lot of different talents. I am appreciate as an indie game developer for their wonderful work and for making it very affordable.

3D Models and Animation

  • Mister Necturus – Most of the characters of Ratkey are Ratkins created by this 3D artist. In addition, he designed many of the weapons, shields, cheese and textures used in the game. The bridges in the game were adapted from his wooden old box lids. Consistent attention to detail in both visuals and animations.
  • Thomas Guillou (France) – The amazing water falls and water effects in the game are from his Hand Painted Forest. Elegant integration of graphics and particle effects.
  • ZugZug (Finland) – Delightful lanterns and a very useful wall and pillar set.
  • BitGem – Great tree and walls. They have a high quality and consistent art direction across all their projects.
  • Gold Experience Team – In addition to a large set of animated treasure chests, First Chest provided a multitude of complex particle effects with scripts to control them.
  • Subspherical Studios (Sweden) – 3D models, particles and scripts for the dazzling torches used in Ratkey.
  • Tom Higgins (United Kingdom) – How to make rats in a maze with swords more epic? Add an Animated Big Cat.
  • RoboCG (Russia) – When a great looking key, I found a magnificent one among a great set of Fantasy Props.



  • Unity Technology – Founded in 2005 in Denmark, they created a game engine and development tools that any and all could use for an affordable price. Unity3D in the software foundation Ratkey is built on.
  • MijiKai Game Studio – Provided the Action Game Toolkit. On top of the Unity3D foundation sits the Action Game Toolkit framework. Excellent example of how all the parts of the 3D game fit together.
  • Dan’s Game Tools – The player mobile controls are integrated with the Action Game Toolkit by Control Freak.
  • Tasharen Entertainment – The UI between levels uses the NGUI framework.
  • Smurov Sergey – Created the the powerful QMaze maze generator. See my post on mazes for more info on QMaze.


  • JewelBeat – Impressive collection of affortable music with clear licensing. Great resource for indie games developers.

Language Translation

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